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I forgot my product key/serial number and/or NetUpdate e-mail address

Intego Support
posted this on November 30, 2011 16:35



If you have forgotten your serial number, you can retrieve it with the e-mail address you used to register your Intego software.

Please click here and enter your e-mail address in the field as shown below:




Intego X8, 2013, and X6 product serial numbers are made up of 6 groups of 4 CAPITAL letters separated by dashes, in the following format:


Intego X5 product serial numbers are made up of 6 groups of 3 CAPITAL letters separated by dashes + 1 group of 6 numerical digits, in the following format:


Depending on where you purchased your product from, your product serial number is sent to you in different ways:

*Intego Online Store:   The product serial numbers for software we sell from our online store are displayed in an e-mail confirmation that is automatically sent to you once your payment has been accepted.

*Retail or mail-order:   The product serial numbers for software we sell through retail or mail-order stores are printed on a label on the box or on the paper sleeve containing the installation disk.

*Multi-seat licenses:  Multi-seat licenses usually come with a certificate that displays the serial number.



Launch your NetUpdate Application from the Applications folder and click the Preferences icon as seen below: 




For instructions on resetting your NetUpdate e-mail address, please click here

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