Why Should I Renew My Intego Subscription?


Protection From the Latest Threats
Free Software Upgrades
Discounted Renewal Pricing
Special Offers


Ensure Protection from the Latest Viruses, Malware Threats, and Suspicious Website Content

Depending on your Intego bundle, new VirusBarrier definitions and ContentBarrier filters are released frequently to keep your Mac protected against the latest infections and help filter inappropriate content. Our team of researchers is constantly updating these definitions and filters to keep your Mac safe! VirusBarrier's Real Time Scanner also requires an active subscription to protect your computer.

Free Upgrades to the Latest Versions of Intego Software

We release new software upgrades to ensure compatibility and provide the latest and best technology available. Users with a valid subscription can automatically upgrade to the latest version of Intego software for free!

Discounted Pricing for Enrolling in Our Automatic Renewal Program

By maintaining an active automatic renewal, your loyalty is rewarded with discounted pricing on your subscription (applied automatically). This also helps prevent a lapse in coverage which could expose your Mac to malicious content.

Special Discounts on Other Intego Software

As a technology company, we are constantly working on something new and exciting. By keeping a valid Intego subscription, you may be offered new or existing products at a discounted price. Interested in our latest promotions? Contact Our Sales Department for the latest information.

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