Do I need to add my Intego software to my Startup Items/Login Items? Do the programs launch automatically?

You should NOT add any Intego products to your Startup Items/Login Items preferences

Intego software programs automatically launch and run in the background once they are installed. There is no need for them to be a Startup items with OS X. The only reason you would need to manually launch software is to run a manual scan, or change settings. Your software programs are running/scanning all the time in the background and will alert you if a virus is detected, or a problem is found.

Once installed and configured, you do not need to launch the application anymore to benefit from the software's features. All Intego software products are handled by a background, faceless application (commonly referred to as a 'daemon').

To make sure the Intego daemon is running, you can use Activity Monitor which is in the Applications -> Utilities folder. Launch Process Viewer, display all the running operations and check for "integod" which is the name of the daemon.


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