How to Install or Uninstall X6 Software From My Computer?

I just purchased an Intego X6 product, how do I install it?

A link to your Intego X6 software installer (.dmg file) is included with the e-mail you receive at the time of purchase.  You can also download your software from our website.

Installation instructions can be found in the Intego Getting Started Manual 


How do I uninstall Intego X6 products?

Note:  To properly uninstall your Intego X6 software it is important that you use the latest installer for your software.  If you do not have an Intego Installer available to uninstall the software, you can download one from here.



Select the installer you would like to download from the Latest Updates Menu and click the green "Download" button.

If you own X6 software, it is important to Deauthorize your program BEFORE going further in this procedure. Go to the VirusBarrier menu (in the Menu Bar, close to the Apple logo on the top left of your screen) click on 'Deauthorize VirusBarrier X6..."

NOTE:  This process works for any Intego software and does not need to be repeated.


What people usually do is erase the hard-drive and reinstall Mac OS X before giving the computer to its new owner. This protects you from the risk of any use or misuse of your data.

If you still prefer to only uninstall Intego software, please use the Uninstall function provided by any Intego installer. This method will work for both licensed and trial versions of the Intego software.




NOTE:  If you have already tried to manually uninstall portions of Intego software, this will lead to a partial uninstall, even if you used Finder or Spotlight search to locate Intego files.  In this case, you will need to first reinstall Intego software before being able to proceed to a clean and complete uninstall.

If you bought a one-seat license of Intego products and you wish to install them on a new computer, you can:

- De-authorize your software as seen above
- uninstall them from the old computer prior to re-installing them on the new one,
- or purchase an additional license for the new Mac.

Note:  If you don't have an Intego installer on hand to uninstall Intego software, you can download an installer from the link below:

Intego Support Downloads

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