Cannnot open the disk image files (.Dmg) of the software I just downloaded

It seems that some users are experiencing problems with disk images. 
These concerns appear to be related to some updates for Mac OS X that may not have been applied correctly. 


- Repair permissions on your boot volume with Disk Utility located in:  Applications / Utilities. 

- Restart the computer to 'Repair Disk' through Disk Utility (NOTE: it may be necessary to boot the machine from the installation disc of Mac OS X to perform this action) 

• Restart the computer again 

• Eliminate files related to receipt updates from Mac OS X:  These files have names beginning with MacOSXUpd10.xxxxxxxxxx.pkg') and are located in:  Macintosh HD / Library / Receipts

• Apply the latest Mac OS X System combo update.  It can be downloaded from the Apple site from this page:

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