Using Intego Widgets

All Intego programs install three Dashboard widgets, which provide information about the Intego programs installed on your computer. The first widget is specific to the Intego program(s) you install; see the manuals for each program for information about their widget. The second widget, the Intego widget, gives information on all the Intego programs you have installed. It looks like this:



This widget shows the status of your different programs, and which features are enabled or disabled.

The third widget that Intego programs install is the NetUpdate widget, which shows the status of NetUpdate, and tells you if there are any updates available:


If you hold your mouse cursor over the widget, a letter 'i' shows in the bottom left corner. If you click on this, the widget displays the URL of the Intego web site; if you click this URL, your web browser will open at the Intego web site.



Note:  Intego's 2013 and X8 software does not install Widgets.

Note:  This information is also available in the Intego Getting Started Manual

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