Intego 2013 Getting Started with Installer

Installing VirusBarrier 2013

If you purchased VirusBarrier 2013 from the Intego website, you will have downloaded a disk image file containing that program's installer from the e-mail you received at the time of purchase.  Please locate the disk image file that you downloaded.  (By default, it would be located in your User Folder/ Downloads)

Double-click the disk image file to mount the disk image; it will display on your Desktop and/or in the Finder window sidebar. Double-click the installer icon, which will look like this:


A window will display, offering you the options to Install or Uninstall your Intego software: click Install.


The installer will launch:


Click Continue to proceed with installation. The Intego software license displays. Click Continue, then click Agree if you accept this license; if not, click Disagree, and the installer will quit.

The next window shows all the available disks or volumes on your computer. Select the disk or volume where you want to install your Intego software (usually Macintosh HD), then click Continue.

Click Install to install your Intego software. If you have already installed other Intego software, this button will show Upgrade, because some components common to all Intego programs will already be present on your hard disk.

After installation, you may have to restart your computer.


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