I purchased VirusBarrier on CD. When I went to install the software I also saw installers for ContentBarrier, Personal Backup and FileGuard. Do I own these too? Should I install everything on the CD?

You have one of our 'Unified' CDs. We use a single disk for all of our Mac products containing all of the installers on a single disk. Although ContentBarrier, NetBarrier, Personal Backup, VirusBarrier, DiskGuard and FileGuard are all on the CD, you do not own a license for all the products.


Depending on which product(s) you purchased, you will have a series of serial numbers stickered to the inside of the disk case. You are only licensed to use the products whose serial numbers appear in the case.


The other Mac OS X installers will act as a 30-day demo, allowing you to try them out.


The Mac OS 8-9 versions do not act as demos and may not function properly without a serial number. It is recommended that you only install the programs which you purchased and have serial numbers for.


You can use the UNINSTALL option of each installer to remove any software that you installed accidentally.

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