VirusBarrier found a corrupted file on my hard drive but it will not repair it. Is this normal?

While VirusBarrier can identify corrupted files, it does not repair them. Corrupted files may not contain viruses, but many viruses can damage files, even if they do not copy themselves to these files. Files can also be corrupted by such things as disk errors, or crashes when the file was open.



Make sure to check your hard disk with Apple's Disk Utility for Mac OS X to repair any problems you may find. You should also replace the damaged file.


VirusBarrier X6 will have more information on the corrupted file in the VirusBarrier Logs.  You will see an entry similar to the one below:



If you highlight the line which mentions 'Corruption detected', you can see the file path location at the bottom left corner of the logs window as illustrated below:


In this example, the file is located on the Desktop.  You can then replace the file with another copy if you have one, or delete it if you prefer.  You can also ignore the corrupted file entirely if you do not want to take action.

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