VirusBarrier X6 and Apple TV

Configuring the VirusBarrier X6 Firewall to Work With Apple TV:

First, please make sure you have enable the option to Trust Apple TV under the VirusBarrier Antivandal/ Trusted Addresses section.  This may be all that is necessary for your Apple TV to communicate with your Mac properly.  Please try this first.


The Apple TV is communicating with a PC or a Mac on TCP port 3689 (iTunes Music Sharing). When synchronizing a Mac with an Apple TV, the numerous connections can trigger the Antivandal detection system for SYN flooding.  The solution is to either add the Apple TV to the trusted group or decrease the SYN flood sensitivity.  Since the Apple TV is on the local network, if the VirusBarrier firewall mode is set to Client Only, the Apple TV will not see the Mac.  The solution is to either switch to the Client, Local Network mode. Or switch to Customized mode and follow these steps:

1. Switch to Customized Mode.

2. Remove all the rules.

3. Control-click in the list and choose Insert Standard Set > Client Only.

4. Click the '+' button.

5. Set the name of the rule to : "iTunes Out".

6. Set the source to Local Network.

7. Set the service to iTunes Music Sharing.

8. Click OK.

9. Drag and drop the new rule to the top of the list.


Create A Custom Rule Set

You may need to create a custom rule set in your firewall to allow the communication of your Apple TV box. 

Do the following:

1. Set your VirusBarrier firewall to customized... Then delete any rules that currently appear there.

2. Right click, or control click in the rules window (blue and white striped area).

3. Choose "Insert standard set" and select whatever setting you had before (client only, client local server, etc). This will insert the standard rules for that set.

4. Now you must create a new rule for the Apple TV. This rule will automatically be set underneath the standard set, BUT you need to move it to the top of the list when you are done. To do this, just drag and drop the rule.

5. So, click the [+] button (bottom left). The new rule window will appear. You can name it anything you like, but something that tells you what the rule is for would be recommended.

6. Set the source as "Local Network", destination should already by "My Macintosh".

7. The service is where you assign what service this rule applies to. However, since the Apple TV product is so new, there will not be an Apple TV (iTV) option in the list. You must created a new service. Click the + sign next to the services drop down menu. A "new service" window will appear. This is where you set the protocol and ports.

8. Name the service something appropriate for it's function.

9. Set the protocol to TCP or UDP (whichever is required for your service).

10. Select the option for "Range of ports" and add ports the port range you want to open. Click OK.

NOTE: you should be able to find the protocol and ports information in the Apple TV manual. If not, you will need to contact apple to find out what they are.

11. This new service you just created will now be at the bottom of the services drop down menu, though it should be automatically selected for you). Select this service in the drop down menu. You can leave "interface" set to "any".

12. Make sure the rule is set to "allow" and click OK.

13. Finally, move this rule to the top of the rules list.


You may also need to create a second rule in the opposite direction (where source is "My Macintosh" and destination is "Local Network"... Again, you will need to consult the manual or Apple for this information).

Your firewall should now allow connections through these ports AND have the same protection you had before with the preset rules.

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