What is the ideal way to use VirusBarrier X6?


To ensure that VirusBarrier can protect your computer against the latest types of viruses and malware, it is ESSENTIAL to regularly update your virus definitions (even if you just installed the software).  To update your virus definitions, please use the NetUpdate application. You can access NetUpdate from the Intego menu to the right of the top bar of your screen, near the time display, or from the "Applications" folder. 

VirusBarrier scans your files in real time. From the moment you start your Mac, VirusBarrier scans every file accessed by the machine, ensuring permanent protection. Ideally, we recommend running a scan during the night after each update of virus definitions.  You can run a complete scan of the machine and mounted volumes by clicking the "Full Scan" button in the VirusBarrier interface.  

This approach ensures: 

1:  Ensure the  "viral safety" of mounted volumes on the Desktop of your computer  

2:  Updates the database of the turbo mode, enabling VirusBarrier to focus exclusively on new and modified files. This will save you precious seconds on the launch time of certain applications (such as Java applications require the opening of recurrent bouts to a multitude of small libraries.)  


To initiate manual and / or planned scans, it is advisable to run this type of scan when the machine is idle (at night,  the weekend, etc ...). This recommendation is especially relevant if you choose to scan compressed/archived files. 

NOTE: Unlike the real-time scanning or scan "in background" which only scans files that 'have been accessed', scans "On Demand" and / or "Scheduled" require a lot of CPU resources since VirusBarrier will use all the capabilities of your computer to scan ALL of the files on volumes that appear on your Desktop at that time. 

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