How Long Should VirusBarrier X6 Take to Scan My Computer?

Scan times with VirusBarrier X6 will vary greatly from computer to computer.  The Scan times will be longer depending on how many files are on the hard drive and what types of files are present on the system.  As long as the Scan is progressing, it should run until it is finished. 

If you are trying to increase the speed of scans, below are some options to possibly change.  Please note that disabling these features will likely make scans faster, but this will omit certain files from being scanned.  It is not recommended if you want a 'Full Scan' of your computer. 

Scanning Archived Files

Most other Anti-Virus programs do not do this by default, or, simply ignore most archives.  VirusBarrier does not.  However, scanning archives can take a very long time.  You can disable this feature on your scans for faster scan times.  Open VirusBarrier X6 and click the Scan Settings section.  Click the Archives tab and turn it Off.


Selective Scans

A Full Scan will scan all external drives and volumes as well, which can increase scan times.  If you only want to scan your computer's internal hard drive, open VirusBarrier X6 and click the word Select.  Now, choose only the Macintosh HD, and click Scan.  

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