VirusBarrier X6: How to Scan iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch

To scan your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch with VirusBarrier X6, please do the following:

  • Connect your device to your Mac computer that has VirusBarrier X6 installed
  • Make sure you have enabled the option to scan these devices from the VirusBarrier X6 > Scan Settings > Advanced section:


  • Next, from the VirusBarrier X6 Overview window, please click the Select button.  If your iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch is connected it will now appear in the window:


  • Select your device and click Scan in the bottom right corner.

Note: When VirusBarrier X6 scans an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad or AppleTV, it scans files added by users, such as music, videos and photos. It also scans files added by third-party file transfer programs. If the device is jailbroken (unlocked using third-party software), VirusBarrier X6 scans all files on the device, including e-mails, personal files, and files added by third-party utilities.

When scanning an iPhone, iPod touch, iPad on AppleTV, VirusBarrier X6 copies all the files contained on the device to your startup volume in order to verify their security. If any malware or infected files are found, VirusBarrier X6 alerts you and offers to repair or delete the infected files.

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