About VirusBarrier partial scans

When reviewing the VirusBarrier logs, you might see an entry for a file that indicates "partially scanned".    Please note that this is normal, expected behavior and no further action is necessary.  Below is a list of reasons why you might see a partial scan:


- An archive that is protected by a password.  (Obviously, VirusBarrier cannot enter a password)
- Incomplete downloaded file
- Disk image requiring a license validation. 
- System file using a special archive format, that can not be decompressed  (A few examples:  archive.pax.gz, test.tar, wilogo_gif.uu, dna_small_gif.uu, etc)
- Files considered by the System to be an archive, but isn't (IE : A file created under Mac OS 9 without any file extension, whose HFS attributes were lost during its last copy.)
- Default archive timeout reached by a very large archive. (See "Archives" tab under "Scan Settings" button.)
- Corrupted file

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