VirusBarrier X6: Using the Cookie Filter

About the Cookie Filter

VirusBarrier X6 includes a Cookie Filter, which prevents your Mac from sending tracking information, called "cookies," to all web sites except for those you specify.

The Cookie Filter is useful when you want to surf in extreme privacy, only telling a few, trusted sites about your actions. However, many Web sites - particularly those that require a password - won't work correctly unless you specifically include them in the list of trusted sites.

To turn on the Cookie Filter, click the Cookie Filter tab and move the Cookie Filter slider to ON.


You'll see a warning that certain sites won't function properly unless you add them to the Trusted Sites list. Click OK to continue.


To add a server to the Cookies Filter list, click the + button at the bottom of the list. A dummy server address ( displays: change it to the site of your choice.


Erase the dummy server address and enter the name of the server you want to allow cookies to be sent to. You can also drag a URL from a browser, or even a URL in text format, to this field to add it to the list.

As with the Ad Banner filter, you can enable or disable individual servers by clicking the checkboxes next to them, or by holding down the Control key while clicking on them and using the contextual menu, or clicking with your right mouse button.

Note:  This information comes for the VirusBarrier X6 User Manual.  For more helpful information, please click here

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