VirusBarrier X6: Whois Queries

VirusBarrier X6 allows you to look up domain names and Internet IP addresses using its built-in Whois tool, which you launch by clicking the "?" button in the bottom-right corner of the screen.

Then, enter a domain name or IP address in the Domain field, and click the Whois button or press the Enter key. The large text field below gives you information about the domain, fetched from publicly accessible information servers. You can save this information to a text file by clicking the Save... button.

After you receive your information, text in the gray bar at the bottom of the window tells you the name of the server where that information originated. VirusBarrier X6 includes four default Whois servers, but you can change these or add others. To find out how to add Whois servers, see See Preferences and Configurations.

NOTE:  This information can be found in the VirusBarrier X6 User Manual here

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