VirusBarrier X6 Install Error: NetUpdate Failed to Decompress Downloaded Data

If you receive the following error message when attempting to update your Threat Filters for VirusBarrier X6, please see the instructions below.


If you have settings in VirusBarrier X6 that you would like to save, launch VirusBarrier X6, click File at the top of your screen in the menu bar, and select Export settings.  Save these settings where you can find them later.



Next, download the most current installer for VirusBarrier X6 by clicking here.

Once you have downloaded the installer, launch it, and you will see the option to Uninstall Software. Uninstall VirusBarrier X6 and restart your computer when prompted.

Once you have restarted your computer, use the same installer to reinstall VirusBarrier X6 and verify that the issue is resolved.  If you exported settings from your previous installation, launch VirusBarrier X6, click File in your menu bar, and select Import settings.  Import the settings you previously saved.

If the issue still persists, contact our Support Team by clicking here to open a support request.

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