Sharing Profiles/Settings Between Users in ContentBarrier


I set up custom ContentBarrier filters on my son's computer and I would like to use the same settings on my daughter's computer. How do I share settings between computers/users?


In environments where you would like to copy the same ContentBarrier settings to multiple machines, or if you would like to backup your settings, you can use the export and import profiles function.

In the ContentBarrier application, select the user that you want to backup in the 'Profile' section. Configure the user's profile to your satisfaction - filter settings, trusted and blocked sites, anti-predator settings, etc. Then select the 'File' menu and choose 'Export Profile…'. You will be prompted to save the file. Now you have a transportable backup copy of all of the settings for that particular user.

You can now copy this to other machines and in their copy of ContentBarrier, choose the user who's profile you want to overwrite, and select 'Import Profile…' from the File menu. The user names do not have to be the same, you can import the settings into any user.

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