What is the best cloning procedure?

How to clone:

Cloning is used primarily to create a bootable exact copy of your drive.  To make the best clone, please follow these instructions:

1. Erase the destination volume with Disk Utility (located in Applications > Utilities).  The formatting should be Mac OS Extended (Journaled).


2. Reboot your Mac


3. Launch the cloning process


Cloning process:

 Personal Backup makes a clone in 2 steps:

1. A preflight: Where a comparison is made of the source and destination in order to define which files have to be copied to the destination.


2. The copy process: This is where files are actually being moved to the destination. 


Personal Backup may report errors after the copy.  These errors are caused because some files have disappeared from the source between the preparation and the copy process (temporary files created by the system, hidden files created by some applications, or expired cookies...).  This is why it is important to quit all applications if possible, except Personal Backup.

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