Why do I keep getting error messages when backing up my iTunes library?


Why do I keep getting error messages when trying to backup my iTunes library to a FAT formatted hard-drive using Personal Backup?


There are some caveats to backing up to a DOS or FAT formatted drive. These formats do not allow some folder or filenames to be copied to them. Illegal filename characters: (backslash), / (forward slash), : (colon), * (asterisk), ? (question mark), " (double quotes), < (left angle bracket), > (right angle bracket), | (pipe). Avoid %, #, and $ as these are commonly used as variable name prefixes, so it can get messy if automating anything with filenames that include these characters. If networking cross platform (e.g. Samba, SMB, CIFS), consider effects of !+{}&[] on path and filename translation.


Unfortunately iTunes on the Mac can use these characters in the filenames as they are often in the title or album name.

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