Personal Backup X8 Preferences

Personal Backup Preferences

Log Preferences

Personal Backup offers several options for customizing how you view logs and schedule scripts. To access the program's preferences, either choose Personal Backup > Preferences…, or press Command-comma. A window will appear, showing the preferences.


In the Logs preferences, the Recording section lets you show more - or less - information in the log window. The first option, Record exceptions, keeps track of the selection criteria you made in the Exception options when you set up the script. (See the Exceptions section under Personal Backup Script Options.) The second option, Record successful deletions, keeps track of files that a script deleted from either the source or destination. The third option, Record all successful operations, augments the second option by tracking not only deletions, but everything a script does, such as copying a file or creating a folder.

The last option, Only keep the last ___ logs of each script, allows you to keep the log window more manageable by not saving irrelevantly old information. (By default, Personal Backup retains only the last five logs of each script.)

You can also have Personal Backup send copies of the log to recipients of your choosing after a script completes. To do so, check the Send logs by e-mail to box, then click enter the e-mail address where you would like to receive the logs.

Schedule Preferences


Clicking the Schedule button at the top of the preferences window brings up options in four categories.

  • Activation: the Disable Scheduled Scripts… button stops all schedules from running. Until they're re-enabled again (by clicking the button again, now labeled Enable Scheduled Scripts…), the only way to run backups and synchronizations is to open Personal Backup, select a script, then click the Play button, or choose a script from the Intego menu. A schedule that fails to run, or that runs unexpectedly, could cause security issues: therefore, you must enter your password to change this setting. In any case, all schedules will be re-enabled when you restart your Mac.
  • Edited scripts: the Always skip execution when a scheduled script is being edited checkbox ensures that a script doesn't suddenly spring into action while it's selected in the Edit mode. If you check this checkbox, it's wise to quit Personal Backup whenever you're not editing a script. Otherwise, you might accidentally leave a schedule-enabled script selected, and the script will not run as expected.
  • Display: the first option, Warn me when no backup has been made for ___ day(s), displays a warning dialog if the specified number of days has passed without a backup. The second option, Display scheduled scripts in ____ has two options: Personal Backup, and Task Manager. If you check the first option, Personal Backup opens when scheduled scripts run; you can follow their progress in the Personal Backup window. If you check the second option, only the small Task Manager window displays.
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