How Do I Renew My Subscription for Dual Protection Software?

To renew your Dual Protection product for 12 months, you need to use Intego's NetUpdate software.

Launch NetUpdate and select one of the Intego software programs to renew, then click "Renew".
Click here for detailed information about how to renew a subscription.

At the end of the payment process, your order confirmation will be displayed on the screen and an e-mail containing your order information will be sent to the address you provided. Both of these documents include your key for one more year Windows antivirus protection.

You will receive an e-mail once you have completed your purchase with a link to download the latest version of your Windows antivirus protection and a new activation code.

If you are purchasing your software for the first time and require Dual Protection, you will need to check the Dual Protection option on our website with your purchase.



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