NetBarrier, VirusBarrier X6, and KSFETCH or KSURL

NetBarrier X9

VirusBarrier X6


NetBarrier X9

If you have NetBarrier X9 installed, you may see alerts about KSURL or KSFETCH.


KSURL and KSFETCH are used by Google Applications such as Google Chrome.

For example, Google Chrome Helper is downloaded to a new directory every time there is an update, and the rules must be reset for the "new" application. 

If NetBarrier is set to alert you when an Application or Process is accessing the Internet you may see requests for KSFETCH or KSURL.  You will see these multiple times only if you have more than one Google Application installed.  Once you have Allowed or Blocked each instance of KSFETCH or KSURL, you will no longer see the alerts.


VirusBarrier X6

Since KSURL or KSFETCH is deleted and then redownloaded, VirusBarrier X6  considers it a new application. There is not a way to create and keep permanent rules for these applications in VirusBarrier X6.

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