Where Did VirusBarrier iOS Go?

Posted in the Intego Mac Security Blog on March 18th, 2015 by Jeff Erwin


Apple has elected to eliminate the category of anti-virus and anti-malware products from their iOS App Store. As a result of this decision, our product VirusBarrier iOS is no longer available for sale.

All of our existing VirusBarrier iOS customers will continue to get their virus definition updates as they have been for as long as they own the product. These updates do not go through the App Store and are not affected.

We apologize but will no longer be able to provide product updates to our VirusBarrier iOS customers as updates could only be provided through the App Store.

Our VirusBarrier for Mac customers are unaffected by this action.

To be clear, this wasn’t an action directed specifically at Intego, we were one of several companies affected by Apple's decision.

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