Using Washing Machine

To start using Washing Machine, launch it by double-clicking its icon in the Applications/Intego folder.  It should look like this:


Washing Machine's window contains four sections:

On the left is the Sources list, where you switch among Washing Machine's four ways of selecting and scheduling files to clean. By default it contains the Library and Schedule icons; later, you'll learn about Cleanlists and Smart Cleanlists.

The top pane shows icons for the five Categories of items that Washing Machine can clean, plus a global category that shows all available items.

The bottom pane shows items that Washing Machine can clean. A pop-up list lets you sort them by name or size, and the search box lets you filter which items you see. This pane also contains the Clean… button that makes Washing Machine do its magic.

The bottom bar, the gray bar at the bottom of the window, contains buttons to add and delete Cleanlists and Smart Cleanlists from the Sources column, and information about the number and size of files that can be cleaned.

Washing Machine is a powerful and flexible program, capable of performing complex cleaning tasks manually, or automatically if you set a schedule. But to understand it better, let's walk through a simple task: cleaning a single item.


Click here for the Washing Machine User Manual

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