Using Smart Cleanlists

Smart cleanlists are just like cleanlists, with a few important differences:

  • They select items automatically, based on a set of rules you define
  • You can't drag items into them
  • You can't schedule them

If you're familiar with iTunes' smart playlists, you'll immediately see that smart cleanlists work in the same way. To create a smart cleanlist, either choose File > New Smart Cleanlist…, press Command-Option-N, or hold down the Option key while clicking the + button in the bottom-left corner of Washing Machine's main screen. (You'll see the + button change into a gear when you press the Option key.)

You'll see a window asking you what sorts of items you'd like cleaned. Your smart cleanlist will be populated with files matching any or all of the following:

  • Software Name: for example, Safari. Changing the popup menu from Is to Contains lets you enter a partial name instead, such as "Saf".
  • Category: your choices are the five categories of items: Bookmarks, Caches, Cookies, Download Histories, orBrowsing Histories.
  • Size: you can have items cleaned only when they are bigger than, smaller than, or exactly the size you specify. This could be handy if your computer has very limited disk space and you want to only clean caches that are taking up a lot of space.

To add a selection condition, click the + button to the right of the current one; to remove the current condition, click its - button.

For each smart cleanlist, you determine whether you want to clean files that match all of these conditions, or any one of them. For example, the selection below will clean only Safari Caches that are larger than 50 MB:

Changing from Software Name is Safari to Category is Caches tells Washing Machine to look for any caches, for any program it supports, that are larger than 50 MB.

You can then select and clean the items in the usual way.

Once you have created a smart cleanlist, you can change its name by double-clicking its icon in the Sources column and typing a new name. You can also change the smart cleanlist's criteria: after clicking its icon, either choose File > Edit Smart Cleanlist…, or Option-Click the smart cleanlist, or Control-Click it and choose Edit Smart Cleanlist… from the menu that displays.


Click here for the Washing Machine 2 User Manual

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