Applications That Washing Machine 2.0 Supports

Note:  This article refers to an older version of Washing Machine (2.0).  It is not applicable to later versions of Washing Machine (10.8 or higher)

Not every application on your computer records your traces while you browse the Internet. Some leave traces on your Mac in a few categories, while others don't track you at all. As of this writing, Washing Machine can clean items from the following Categories in the following applications.

Web Browsers

Unless noted, Washing Machine can clean all five categories of items (Bookmarks, Caches, Cookies, Download Histories, and Browsing Histories).

Application Description
Camino Free web browser similar to Firefox.
Chrome Free web browser from Google. Cookies cannot be edited for Chrome.
Firefox Popular, free web browser.
Flock Free web browser with special features for social networking.
iCab Web browser with some unique features.
OmniWeb Web browser.
Opera (version 6) Web browser. Washing Machine cannot clean bookmarks or download histories.
Opera (version 9 and later) Web browser.
Safari Web browser included with Mac OS X.
Shiira Web browser.


Note: several browsers and RSS readers may use Safari's Cookies file. This is the case for Shiira and NetNewsWire, and is also the case for other Internet programs that use Apple's WebKit, the framework used by Safari and other programs that display web pages.

Other Internet Programs

Washing Machine can clean caches of these programs.

Application Description
App Store Apple's program for purchasing Mac OS X applications. Washing Machine manages cookies and caches.
BumperCar Internet access controller "for kids", with a colorful, built-in web browser.
Echofon Twitter client.
Google Earth 3-D map program.
Mail Email program included with Mac OS X.
NetNewsWire RSS news reader.
NewsRack RSS news reader.
Postino RSS news reader, with support for audio and video podcasts.
Reeder RSS news reader.
Shrook RSS news reader.
Twitter Official Twitter client.
Twitterific Twitter client.
Vienna RSS news reader.
Xtorrent Search program with features of a web browser, RSS reader, and peer-to-peer (P2P) client.


Washing Machine can clean caches of these programs.

Application Description
Coda Multi-modal web site creation tool.
TextMate Text editor designed for programmers.
Xcode Integrated development environment (IDE) for Mac OS X programmers.


Washing Machine can clean categories of these programs as noted.

Application Description
Aperture Photo management program. Washing Machine cleans the program's caches.
Flash Web browser plug-in used to view animations and videos. Washing Machine cleans the program's caches and cookies.
Front Row Interface for viewing digital photos or video or listening to music, included with Mac OS X. Washing Machine cleans Front Row's caches only.
iTunes Music application for downloading, managing and listening to music. Washing Machine cleans iTunes' cookies only.
Spotify Music streaming program that uses a peer-to-peer system. Washing machine cleans the program's caches only.

System Utilities

Washing Machine can clean caches of these programs.

Application Description
Dashboard Mac OS X system utility for viewing widgets, small programs that float above other windows.
Help Viewer Program that's launched when you choose the Help menu from within most applications.
Java Environment that runs whenever a program written in the Java language is launched.
QuickTime System for viewing and listening to multimedia files.
Software Update Mac OS X program that ensures you have the latest versions of Apple software.
System Preferences Set of Mac OS X utilities to control such matters as screen display, network settings, and printer settings.


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