How to Reset your Identity Scrubber Password

Reset Profile Password

The Identity Scrubber client application provides the ability to save settings, configuration information, and sensitive data across sessions through the use of a profile password.  It is not possible to recover a lost password; however, it is possible to delete a profile and create a new one.  When the profile password is created, that password is used to encrypt the profile.  The profile password is not stored anywhere and therefore if it is lost or forgotten, then all of the information in the profile will be lost.

NOTE: The following data will be lost when deleting a profile:

  • Custom Folders, Remote Computers and authentication credentials
  • OnlyFind Identities
  • Ignore list entries
  • Password Vault entries
  • Database connection information
  • Websites list


Using Identity Scrubber to Delete a Profile

A profile can be deleted by logging into Identity Scrubber as a guest by skipping the password screen, opening the Profile page within Preferences, and clicking the Delete profile button.


Identity Scrubber uses a single master password to securely store all your personal information related to Identity Scrubber inside a Profile. If you want to delete this file and all the information contained within, click the Delete button.

For information about manually deleting an Identity Scrubber Profile, please Click Here.

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