How to Manually Delete an Identity Scrubber Profile

Profile Information and Client Logs

The Identity Scrubber profile consists of Settings and UserData.  The settings are stored in the user property list while the UserData is stored on disk in the following locations:

Settings (user property list)


UserData on disk

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Identity Scrubber/Identity Scrubber Mac Edition/identityinfo.dat 

The UserData consists of lists or individual pieces of information added to Identity Scrubber in the Custom Folder list, OnlyFind Identity list, and Ignore list.  With the exception of folder names, all of the UserData information is AES-256-bit encrypted with the user profile password; if the user Profile password is lost or forgotten, the contents of this file cannot be recovered.  Editing of this file is not supported.  To add UserData information to Identity Scrubber, supply it via a configuration (XML) file or use the Profile\Admin settings.  To obtain properly formatted UserData information for use in a configuration file or the Profile\Admin settings, use the Windows client to add the information to the relevant list in the client application GUI and then export the current profile.

By default, client logs are stored under the Application Support folder for each user. 

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Identity Scubber/Identity Scrubber Mac Edition

Client logs can be moved to any local path to which the user has write access and by default are stored in the /logs subfolder of the folder noted above:

/Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/Identity Scrubber/Identity Scrubber Mac Edition/logs

For tasks run as system, the search is run as root. The root home directory is /var/root and the log files are stored in:

/var/root/Library/Application Support/Identity Scrubber/Identity Scrubber Mac Edition/logs

Note: /var/root can only be accessed as root, so it is necessary to log in as root or su root to access the log files.



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