Duplicate Files Not Found?

Question: Why did Duplicate Zapper not find any duplicate files on my Mac?

There are several reasons this may occur:

1. No duplicates were found in the location(s) chosen for scan. You may want to broaden your search area to include any other partitions, external drives or volumes connected to your Mac.

2. Mac OS X system files and application specific files are omitted from all scans. This is expected behavior and is designed to prevent the deletion of system or application critical files that could lead to crashes.

3. Duplicate Zapper does not have access or permission to delete the files. For example, files owned by another user account cannot be removed. We recommend installing Duplicate Zapper on the other user account and running a scan again.

4. File type not supported. The file type you are trying to search for is not supported by Duplicate Zapper.

5. Contact Support. If none of the options above explains your issue and you believe you have duplicate files on your Mac that are not discovered by Duplicate Zapper, please contact us directly and let us know: Contact Support

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