How To Check If The Certificate Is Installed?

Ensuring your child’s device is controlled by Family Protector


Your child’s device is under the control of Family Protector when it has what is called a “Mobile Device Management Certificate” installed that allows Family Protector to configure settings on the device.  This Certificate is accessible through iOS settings and it is possible to remove the Certificate from the device thereby removing your ability to control the device with Family Protector.

When you followed the instructions in the Family Protector administrative application to “Add A Device” you will have added the Device Management Certificate to your child’s device.   You will have gone to in Safari on your Child’s device and followed the instructions for installing the Device Management Certificate.  

To ensure that the Device Management Certificate is installed on your child’s device, follow these steps:

  • On the device, go to Settings
  • On the left of Settings click on “General”
  • On the right scroll to the bottom and see “Device Management.”  You should see this below “VPN.” 




  • If you do NOT see “Device Management” that means that no certificate is installed and the device is, indeed, no longer controlled by Family Protector. Note: If your child has removed the certificate, you will receive a notification that will also appear under Alerts.
  • If the Family Protector Certificate is installed you will see “Family Protector Controls” to the right of “Device Management.”
  • It is possible that a different certificate could be installed but this is extraordinarily unlikely.


If you did not find the Device Management Certificate you simply need to reinstall it and the device will be brought back under control. 

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