How To Reinstall Family Protector

If the Family Protector certificate has been accidentally deleted, or if you need to reinstall the app after restoring iOS on your device, here's how:

Grab the iOS device where you need to reinstall Family Protector, launch the Safari web browser, then go to  Now, log-in with your e-mail address and password used for your Family Protector account.  


Next, select 'Add this Device' on the webpage, then choose Install and Trust each time your are prompted.




In order to put restrictions on the device, drag it to one of your children in the Devices section from the Family Protector Web Administration page or the Family Protector Admin app for iOS or Android.  If you have not added a child, you can add one from the Family section.

Additional Information:  The Rook Web Browser will automatically be installed for your child to use.  They must use Rook in order for you to view and manage their web activity.  Safari will be hidden when your child uses the device, but will be available when you or another administrator is assigned.

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