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What is Rook?

Rook is Intego’s safe browser for iOS and is only available with Family Protector. Rook is automatically installed with Family Protector and allows parents to monitor the web-browsing activities of their children and ensure that they only visit websites deemed appropriate for them.

Rook comes with four web restriction modes and is customizable through the Family Protector management console by any administrator. Safari will be hidden in some modes and Rook will be your child’s primary web browser.

Rook Web Restriction Modes:

  • Strict: for the youngest children who cannot visit or request access to any website outside what the parents have ok’d.
  • Request: for children who start exploring the Internet more that only go to pre approved websites, but can request access to others.
  • Open: to monitor web browsing activity without any website restrictions.
  • None: allows private web browsing to any website.

Rook’s default settings come from the age range you assign to your child, but can be easily modified at any time. Changing your child’s age will not override any modifications you have set.


Rook has all of the features you would expect from a mobile web browser.  You can access these options from directly inside the app by tapping the gear icon GearIcon.PNG next to the address bar.  (Note: These settings can only be changed while the device is assigned to an administrator. While assigned to a child these options are 'read only', and shaded gray)

  • General:  The first option, Open New Tabs in Background means that any new windows that open will appear in a separate tab in the background, but will not immediately appear on the screen.  Tap the appropriate tab to display the new site.  Show Tab Bar displays a list of all open tabs across the top of the Rook window.  Block Pop-ups prevents any pop-up windows from launching.  The Homepage option lets you determine what page will appear when Rook launches.
  • Search:  From here, you can change the default Search Engine used by Rook for web searches made from the address bar.  Rook offers four options:  Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo, and Yahoo.  The Safe Search feature prevents the user from seeing questionable sites in the search results.
  • Privacy:  Manage what content is stored on your device while web browsing.  You can manage Cookies by choosing from Always Block, Allow from Current Website Only, or Always Allow.  You can also clear the Rook History, Cookies, or Cache with one tap. 
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