About KidSet


KidSet is the Family Protector app that allows parents to quickly assign a device to a new user directly with just a few taps. This app is not required, but gives parents quick options when they need it, such as quickly handing your device to your child at a grocery store to avoid a meltdown.

You must first add the device to Family Protector before it’s available in KidSet.


When a device is assigned to you (or another admin), you can assign it to a child without logging in.  To switch back to an admin, or from child to child, you'll need to login.  This keeps your children from removing their restrictions. 


You can also create a short passcode to make this easier.  The passcode is a four digit number for logging in to KidSet and assigning the device to a child or other user:



Assign Device

KidSet makes it simple to re-assign a device.  Simply select the family member you would like to assign it to, confirm the selection, and the device will take on that user's settings and restrictions.  You will see Assigned next to the currently selected user.



Tap a new user and confirm the action:



That's it!  The device has been re-configured for the new user with all the appropriate rules and restrictions. 


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