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NOTE:  Due to changes made by Apple, Icon Lock is not compatible with iOS 9 or higher, and cannot be installed.  Icon Lock remains compatible with iOS 8 only at this time.

When you assign a device to a child with Family Protector, some actions or settings may hide apps.  Due to a current limitation in iOS, when the apps are restored, personalized app organization (folders and arrangement on the device) will not be preserved.  This issue affects all iOS devices using parental controls, and unfortunately, it has also become a pain point for Family Protector customers.   We have created the Icon Lock app to bypass this issue.

Icon Lock keeps apps locked in place and prevents them from being rearranged when the device returns to an unblocked state. For parents assigning a device to your child, you will be warned about the inability to maintain app organization, and prompted with an option to prevent apps from being reordered. 

Download Icon Lock Directly 

Installing Icon Lock 

Intego has developed Icon Lock as a workaround to the folder rearrangement issue.  After you attempt to download the app, a dialog will appear with the message “Unable to Download App.” This actually means that installation was successful. It may sound odd, but what makes Icon Lock work is that the app is not successfully being installed. Therefore, when you get the “Unable to Download App” message, select “Done.” There is no need to click “Retry,” as it will simply result in iOS downloading the app again. 



For a short time after installation, Icon Lock will say “Installing…” instead of “Icon Lock.” This is temporary, and “Installing…” will be replaced by the text “Icon Lock” after a short while (up to one hour).


The Icon Lock icon will always appear greyed out. This is completely normal and Icon Lock will still work as expected.  Icon Lock is NOT actually an application; no app is actually installed. The only thing that gets installed on your device is the icon.



After Unlocking A Child's Device

Here's a comparison of how the apps on your device are arranged: 

With Icon Lock:                                               Without Icon Lock:

With_Icon_Lock1.png          Without_Icon_Lock.png


Icon Lock Limitations

There are a few things to keep in mind when using Icon Lock:

  • While the device is in an Action or Schedule, do not move items onto the same screen on which Icon Lock is installed. Doing so will result in Icon Lock losing its ability to lock apps in place, and you’ll need to delete it and start over again to get the app working properly again.
  • If you can avoid it, do not move Icon Lock from where it is installed. Moving the Icon Lock icon may remove its app locking properties, causing apps to appear in alphabetical order the next time the device returns from an unlocked state. Clicking on the icon will reinstall Icon Lock and its app locking properties will return.
  • If for some reason Icon Lock stops working you will need to delete and re-download it, or click on the Icon Lock icon again, which will cause the system to try and re-download the app.


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If you have any questions or issues regarding the usage or behavior of Icon Lock, please Contact Our Support Team

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