What is the Finalize Alert?

You may come across a NetBarrier alert for a process called 'finalize' requesting access to a site on the internet.

This alert has been observed by many Intego users and has raised many questions. Since the alert identifies itself only by it’s vague process name, many people are confused about whether they should allow the connection or block it. Clicking on the Advanced button reveals a web address:

By running a Whois query on that URL within the Network Utility application from: Macintosh HD > System > Library > CoreServices > Applications, we find that it is registered to Adobe Systems Incorporated.

Finalize is part of Adobe's Flash Player and the software is connecting with Adobe’s servers to verify the software installation or to check for available updates. Blocking this connection could cause your Flash Player to not work correctly.

If you have blocked the connection within the NetBarrier popup alert you will need to unblock it. To do this, you click on the Applications tab in NetBarrier, then click the Edit button at the bottom of the window to modify the blocked connection to 'Allow'. You may also choose 'Ask' if you would like to be alerted next time it attempts to connect to the internet.

You can find more information in the Application Rules section of the NetBarrier User Manual.


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