Unable Login to the Intego Support Portal

The Intego Support Portal offers the option to view support tickets in cases where you do not have access to your e-mail.  Please note that this portal does NOT provide access to any subscription information regarding your account.  If you are looking for information about your Intego subscription, please try one of the following links instead:

How to Update Subscription Information
How to Access Your Intego Serial Number


Fixing Your Intego Support Portal Login

If you are using Safari to login to Intego Support, you may notice that the 'Sign In' button does not work or is unresponsive.  This is due to your Safari Preferences.


To fix this, open Safari > Preferences from the menu bar.


Under the Privacy tab, uncheck the option Prevent cross-site tracking for Website tracking.


Now, Quit Safari.



Finally, re-open Safari and try again. 


Another option is to use a different web browser such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox


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