¿El número de serie no funciona?

Below are the most common reasons that a serial number appears to not be working:

1. Serial number typed incorrectly or transposed. (Please check the serial number again carefully and try again)

2. Serial number is being used with the wrong product or version of software. (X5 serial numbers will NOT work with X6)

3. Coupon code used instead of serial number. If you have only a coupon code, please click here to obtain your serial numbers.

4. Nothing is entered into the User or Company Name field.

NOTE: If you have checked all of the above and your serial number is still not working, please Contact Support and include a screenshot of what you see when you enter your serial number into the correct Intego application you have purchased. To make a screenshot, press command+shift+4 keys on your keyboard (the '4' from the main keyboard, not the one of the numerical keypad). It will transform your mouse cursor into a target -(+)- . Select what you want to show us... When you release the mouse button, a screenshot is saved to the Desktop. Please attach it to your support request.

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