Alert: Intego Background Processes Are Not Running

Intego software relies on background processes (daemons) for the applications to perform certain functions without user interaction.  For example, VirusBarrier's Real-Time Scanner process constantly watches over your Mac in the background, protecting you from viruses and malware.

If these processes are not running as expected, you may be presented with an error message directing you to take further action to resolve the issue.  (Note: This may occur if you use third-party software on your Mac which can "clean" or block other software from loading.)  


Reload Intego Processes

Intego software can detect if the processes required for normal operation are not running as expected.  When this happens, a message will appear and provide you with the option to Load Processes... again, which will allow the software to function correctly. 


Download Installer and Reinstall

If your Intego software is unable to load the necessary processes again, or if the files are damaged or missing, then you will be prompted to download the necessary installer package to reinstall the software. 

Important: These background processes are required for the software to work as expected, and you should reinstall the application as soon as possible.


Select Download Installer... to open your web browser and automatically download the necessary installer file.

Once the file has finished downloading, you will find it in the Downloads folder.  (Please check your browser settings if you have modified the default location for downloaded files.)


Double-click to open the installer file.  In this example, you can see 'VirusBarrier.pkg'.  The name of the file will correspond with the name of the application you need to reinstall.


Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process and your software should now work again as expected.


Once the installation has completed successfully, it is not necessary to keep the Installer package.  Just select Move to Trash to delete the file.  



Does This Message Keep Appearing On Your Mac?

If so, you may have another application conflicting with the normal operation of your Intego software.  Check your Applications folder for any software you may have installed that can "clean" your Mac.  In some cases, these services may remove files which are necessary for other applications to run.  They may also "kill" or block processes, resulting in errors.



Contact Support

If you are still seeing this error message and cannot determine the cause, you can contact our Support Team directly for assistance by completing a support ticket online:

Contact Support

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