How to Allow a Blocked Connection Within NetBarrier

It is possible that during your usage of NetBarrier, you may have accidentally blocked connections for an application that requires a network connection to function. You can reverse these rules at any time, within NetBarrier's Applications section.

To do this, open NetBarrier from the Intego castle tower icon in the top menu bar. (You can also access NetBarrier from the Applications > Intego folder)



Within the main menu of NetBarrier, select the Applications tab in the upper left corner.


Once inside the Applications menu, look at the list on the right side and locate the application that you would like to unblock, then click on the Edit button at the bottom of the window.


Next, you will want to click where you see Block Connections. The menu will expand so that you can select your preferred connection rule (Block, Allow or Ask).

In Edit mode you can configure an application as “Allow Connections”, “Block Connections”, or “Ask”.  "Allow Connections" will approve connections, and "Block Connections" will prevent them.  When an application is configured as “Ask”, the first time the application attempts to use the network after you log-in, you will be asked whether you wish to allow that process to run or not.



After changing the connection rules, click Done to save these changes.


Finally, test the specified application again. If it was previously blocked by NetBarrier, it will now connect to your network as expected.


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