Intego Dashboard Beta: New Features & Known Issues

We have worked hard on our new product as we wish to achieve a platform that is user-friendly, efficient, and innovative. While we're excited about building new features and releasing them as a preview — beta users can expect to see changes and improvements to this new software over the coming weeks.

Users of existing Intego applications may notice certain important features are missing. We’re working hard to bring them to you inside our new product, and we welcome all feedback and suggestions.

Below is a list of current features and known issues.


Dashboard Beta Features

The following features are currently available and fully functional in the current version of the new Intego Dashboard beta.


  • Trigger Quick antivirus scans
  • Trigger Full antivirus scans
  • Trigger Custom antivirus scans
  • Real-time active protection - Threat detection in real-time, auto-quarantine, notifications and status
  • Manage quarantined files
  • Manage trusted files
  • Schedule Quick or Full antivirus scans
  • Update - Reveal in Finder action for items in: Scan Results, Quarantined Files, Trusted Files views
  • Update - Now possible to trigger a malware scan of a file or folder using a contextual menu in the finder


  • Trigger full performance scans (disk space reclaim and duplicate files scans)
  • Sort results and auto-select
  • Update - Now possible to run a duplicates scan alone, and a junk scan alone

Complete Scan:

  • Trigger Complete scan - including Quick antivirus scan and Full performance scan.

Secure VPN:

  • After being installed separately, Intego Privacy Protection VPN will now appear within the Dashboard interface.


  • Steps to allow the application Full Disk Access, required for effective antivirus protection
  • Virus definitions updates
  • Update - Uninstall flow - Option to uninstall software from Help menu
  • Update - Intego Log Reporter and logs in the application
  • Update - An administrator password is requested to uninstall the application, or to disable the real time scanner


Known Issues & Missing Features

The following bugs and missing features will be resolved in future versions of Intego Dashboard, which will be made available via automatic software update.



  • Ability to trigger a scan for files from the Finder/ Drag & Drop
  • Auto-scan mounted volume (malware can be detected by Real-Time)
  • More info on malware detection alert
  • Virus definitions date label


  • Graceful UI to display found system logs and cache that are not owned by the user (such as: LKDC-setup.log) instead of an alert at the end of the cleanup
  • Trigger individual Reclaim or Duplicates scans
  • Trigger scans with custom options
  • Schedule Performance scans
  • Complete Scan: Scheduling


  • Login, Logout, and Licensing options


  • Activity log
  • Menu bar options and capabilities
  • Full Dark Mode compatibility
  • More refined texts and alerts
  • Full Disk Access guide when access is removed after 'Welcome' screen
  • VPN icon in the top menu bar needs to be resized. It is currently too small.
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