Cannot Use NetUpdate Now Because A Background Update is Running


If you see the error message above this is because there is a NetUpdate process that may be running, has finished running and didn't close, or the background process was halted. Please try each of the following steps until the error has been resolved.

  • Quit NetUpdate and any other Intego application that may be open. Now launch NetUpdate again and see if it works as expected. If the error returns;
  • Quit ALL Intego applications, save your work, and restart your Mac. Now launch NetUpdate again and see if it works as expected. If the error returns;  
  • Reinstall your Intego software.  You can download the latest version of your Intego bundle from our website here:  Intego Downloads

If you have completed all of these steps and NetUpdate is still not working, please Contact Intego Support.

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