What Is Unarchiving?

Unarchiving is the process of restoring files from an archive by decompressing. Archive files are used to collect multiple data files together into a single file for easier portability and storage, or simply to compress files to use less storage space. VirusBarrier uses the Unarchiving process to scan archived files for malware and viruses. Scanning archives can take a very long time, depending on the size of the file(s) being scanned and the number of archived files stored on the device.

When you see Unarchiving during a scan, a file or multiple files are going through the following process:

  • Files are decompressed (Unarchiving)
  • Saved in a temporary location
  • Scanned for infection
  • Compressed again (Archived)
  • Deleted from the temporary location.

Note: The Archive timeout setting lets you tell VirusBarrier to stop scanning archives that take more than a certain amount of time to decompress and scan. By default, this is set to 60 seconds. However, any files that have been uncompressed before the end of this timeout will be scanned.




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