How to Run an Optimization Scan

You can use Intego's Optimization scans to help free up disk space. These scans will help locate and remove large, and unwanted files, as well as remove unnecessary duplicates. There are 3 types of Optimization scans that can be utilized:

Complete Checkup
Large File Scans 
Duplicate File Scans




Complete Checkup

A Complete Checkup will scan your PC for both large, unwanted files and duplicate files, all within a single scan.


A Smart scan can be run using Intego's recommended scan configurations. This runs a scan of your PC using predetermined locations and scan options to provide the most complete optimization results.

A Manual scan can be selected when you have a specific location, file size or modification date you would like to filter the scan for. You also have more filter options for file type and file exclusion.



Large File Scan

This scan will check your PC for all files over a size parameter that is set within the Optimization menu of Settings.



Changing the File Size Parameters for the Large File Scan

The Optimization section of Settings allows you to select the parameters for the Large File scan. From here you can decide the baseline to the size of files the scan will consider large.



Duplicate File Scan

This type of scan will check the PC for duplicate files and list all duplicate versions. The original file will not appear in the scan results, so that the original file is preserved on the system and no files are lost.


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