Intego Privacy Protection VPN Compatibility With iCloud Private Relay

You may notice some network connectivity issues when using both Intego Privacy Protection VPN and iCloud's Private Relay.

If you are experiencing connectivity issues with both Intego Privacy Protection VPN and iCloud's Private Relay enabled, it is recommended that you disable Private Relay while using the VPN.

Private Relay is a feature Apple has introduced as part of their iCloud+ subscription. It allows users to enable this Private Relay to browse the web within Safari on their Apple devices without revealing their IP address.

While Private Relay does share some similarities with a standard VPN, it is not a true VPN.


Why Should You Use Intego Privacy Protection VPN?

A VPN will keep all network traffic information private across your entire connection. In comparison, Private Relay is restricted to Safari only, so all other traffic within applications and other web browsers would not be monitored or hidden by Private Relay.

Intego Privacy Protection also offers additional privacy features that are not present within Private Relay, such as AES 256 encryption, Split Tunneling, Kill Switch and MACE, and multiple Protocol options to help customize your privacy experience. Intego Privacy Protection VPN also adheres to a No Logs Policy, so that your browsing and network data remain secure and private.


How Do I Disable iCloud Private Relay?

Private Relay can be enabled or disabled from with the System Settings.

Within System Settings, click on your Apple ID at the top of the left side column. This will show more details regarding your Apple ID and iCloud in the main section of the window. Locate iCloud and click here to view the iCloud section.

Private relay 1.png

From here, scroll down until you can see the Private Relay option. Click on Private Relay and select On/Off as preferred.

Private Relay 2.png

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