Intego Privacy Protection Release Notes

This article provides a list of historical release notes for publicly released versions of Intego Privacy Protection VPN software.



Release Date:  May 30th, 2024

• Minor improvements to wake from sleep behavior.
• Fix client notifications.
• Fix Wifi SSID detection for Automation.
• Improve diagnostics.
• New Split Tunnel system has arrived!
• Improve Intego Privacy Protection's behavior during sleep to fix crashes after long sleeps.
• UI: Increase contrast of graph in performance tile.
• UI: Add 2 extra decimal places to data usage values.
• UI: Add changelog link to update notification.



Release Date:  March 1st, 2024

• Builds for macOS are now universal for x86_64 and arm64 (Apple Silicon).
• macOS: Fix Wifi SSID detection for Automation.
• All: Remove local port option for OpenVPN connections.
• All: Fix a bug that would sometimes cause a crash when trying to connect while disconnecting.
• Improved robustness in firewall backends.
• Install logs are now included in debug reports when available.
• Login and dedicated IP pages indicate when to retry when rate-limited by API.
• Fixed opening combo boxes when another combo box was open, the second combo box no longer closes immediately.
• Fixed a rare GUI crash that could occur on the Split Tunnel or Automation pages if a setting change occurred while a combo box was open.
• Fixed the subscription page link that was redirecting to the home page.
• Disabled Split Tunnel on macOS 12 or greater (we are working on it!).
• Custom DNS settings are no longer forgotten when switching to another Settings tab with a setting other than Custom DNS selected.
• Support Handshake domain name resolution (Using HDNS nameservers).
• Public IP is displayed even when not connected.
• Fixed default folder when browsing for applications in Split Tunnel application selection.
• The app now requires macOS 10.14 Mojave.


This version is compatible with macOS Sonoma.



Release Date:  February 12th, 2024

• Bug fixes and performance improvements.

This version is compatible with macOS Sonoma.



• Added "Auto" MTU setting to measure actual MTU after connecting.
• Improved handling of expired accounts.
• Fixed connecting to favorite regions after a connection was refused by the server.
• Fix issue where deleting a Dedicated IP breaks tooltips.

This version is compatible with macOS Sonoma.

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