What Is Intego Task Manager and What Does It Do?

Intego Task Manager is a part of the Intego software that helps keep users informed of the status for scheduled processes that are running on their Mac.

The Intego Task Manager window will appear and provide progress for any scheduled task, such as a malware scan with VirusBarrier or system backup with Personal Backup.

It is normal and expected behavior to see this window appear during any task that is set to run at a predetermined time or condition. 

Task Manager.png


How to Enable or Disable Intego Task Manager

You can enable/disable the Intego Task Manager at any time within each application's Settings menu.


Within VirusBarrier, navigate to the Scheduled Scans section and click on the Schedule button. A new window will appear where you can uncheck the option for Display Scheduled Scans in Task Manager.

scheduled scan.png

schedule settings.png


Personal Backup

When Personal Backup has been launched, navigate to the Settings menu. Within the Settings menu, uncheck the box to Show background task in Intego Task Manager.

Personal Backup settings.png


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