How To Disable ContentBarrier

To properly disable or turn off ContentBarrier, you will need to follow the steps shown below.

First, open ContentBarrier. This can be done from the drop down menu shown in the top menu bar of your Mac's screen.

Open ContentBarrier .png

Or you can open ContentBarrier from with the Applications folder, inside of Finder.

Applications menu.png

Each time you launch ContentBarrier, you will need to authenticate with your macOS admin password. This confirms that the user has permission to alter ContentBarrier's settings.

Authenticate with PW.png

Once ContentBarrier has opened, click on the Configuration tab in the upper left corner area of the interface. Select the user you wish to disable ContentBarrier for in the left side menu, and then uncheck the box labeled Enable Protection. This will disable or turn off ContentBarrier for that specific user. If you wish to disable for multiple users, select each user on the left side menu and repeat this process for each user.

Uncheck Box.png

To enable ContentBarrier, simply check the Enable Protection box and the protection will resume.

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