What is a Daemon?

Once installed and configured, Intego applications automatically launch and run in the background. You do not need to launch the application to benefit from it's features and protection.  These duties are handled by a faceless background application, commonly referred to as a daemon.  To make sure the Intego daemon is running, you can use the Activity Monitor which is located in the Applications/Utilities folder. Launch Activity Monitor, display all the running operations and check for "integod" which is the name of the Intego daemon.  Under Mac OS X, you must launch any Intego Application from the Applications folder to have access to the interface in order to make configuration changes.

To read more about what a daemon is, click the link below:

What is a daemon

Note:  If you receive a daemon error regarding your Intego software, click the link below for instructions on reinstalling your Intego Software:

Reinstalling your Intego Software

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