How Many Computers Can I Install My Intego Software On?

The number of computers that your software can be installed on is specific to the software package you purchased. Licenses for Intego's X9 software are available for one, three, or five Macs. 

If you do not know how many seats are available on your current license, you can log into your Intego Account using the link below:

Click Here to Sign Into Your Intego Account

Once you have signed in, you will see a button for Devices on the main page.


If you click there, it will take you to a page where you can view your active licenses, the devices attached to these licenses, as well as the option to remove any devices no longer in use. To see how many devices are attached to the license, look at the Seats column, as seen in the image below.



If you require a license for more than 5 devices, we have options available through our Business Team. To submit a request for a customized quote to suit your business needs, visit the link below.

Click Here to Request a Quote

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